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Performance overview all strategies

April 04, 2017

Performance overview all strategies

Short-, medium- and longterm overview of the performance of all strategies. The monthly average is the total performance devided by the number of months.
Liquid Alternatives<br/>Higher liquidity for your portfolio

February 08, 2017

Liquid Alternatives
Higher liquidity for your portfolio

Since 2009 Liquid Alternatives have a disproportionate growth.

Investments in Liquid Alternatives are predicted to reach $2 trillion.

One area of this growth is FOREX.

But why investments in Liquid Alternatives? What are the reasons for Liquid Alternatives?

According to a study, in which 53 fund companies were surveyed, 90% of respondents see diversification as the main argument.

For questions about the "Liquid Alternative" Forex, we are at your disposal at any time. Or take a look at our FX Time Pro Performance and find out how positive the impact on your portfolios might be by using our FX Time Pro.

Source: In this study Scope interviewed 53 Fund companies on " Liquid Alternatives ".

Annual Performance 2016 <br/> The winners are …

January 06, 2017

Annual Performance 2016
The winners are …

There were winners and losers in 2016. The picture show the six strategies we follow mostly.

With a performance of +73.17% the FX Time Pro a fully automated trading algorithm from Forex Scorpion is the champion again.

The second rank belongs to FX System Pro with a very solid performance of +16.50%. This strategy belongs to one of our Coop.e.tence - Partners. It is a fully automated trading strategy, too.

Closely followed by another Forex Scorpion strategy the FX Dawn on rank three achieved +12.80% and is also a fully automated trading strategy.

Send us your question by visiting our contact page.

Happy Trading!

Forex Scorpion

2015 <br/>The charts of our strategies

January 07, 2016

The charts of our strategies

Gold, silver and bronze were awarded to our strategies and their performance achievements in 2015 and the FX Time Pro has made the race.

With a performance of 51.65% in 2015, the FX Time Pro is the leader in our charts.

Followed by FX System Multi with 38.79%, which is managed by one of our cooperation partners.

3rd place in 2015 belongs to the FX Daytrade Pro (Due to very negative result this cooperation has been terminated in 2016) with a performance of + 9.79%, which is also a great result and is managed by another cooperation partner of us.

If you have any questions about our strategies, or want to generally work as an investor or trader with us, just visit our contact page.

ASCENT<br/>From the lab into the top six

January 06, 2016

From the lab into the top six

More than a year we observed for you new strategies live and constantly evaluated in our laboratory.

We keep up with the traders very close, have regular contact and get the data very reliable.

Finally, we have decided to include two strategies in our top six performers.

On the one hand the FX Multi System, a strategy with a super convincing performance of + 38.79%. For over two years we observe and examine the figures of this trader and his performances have convinced us completely!

Secondly, the FX Turn 46, a strategy that convinced us since three years. Although it performed slightly negative last year, this trend strategy is highly recommended.

Two other strategies have having to leave the top six. On the one hand there is the FX System Pro, it acts only on the EURUSD and contains one of the currencies that are traded in the FX System Multi and secondly the FXS-€$-Index, which is encountered in this form at no interest.

If you want to know more about our strategies, then just get in contact with us.

4. QUARTER 2015 <br/> The results

January 06, 2016

4. QUARTER 2015
The results

Overall, the 4th quarter average of all six main strategies showed a positive result. All strategies act EURUSD Spot. This result was driven by the FX Time Pro.

Despite the uncertainties in the global markets in general and not clear statements of the central banks, in particular the 4th quarter accounted for a ride by high mountains and deep valleys.

Outstanding here was the FX Time Pro. Despite a decline of - 41.18 % in December, it closed the 4th quarter with a performance of + 23.42 % and is the winner in the 4th quarter.

With its high leverage of 10 his great qualities lie in sideways markets. This appeared clearly in the results in October (+ 29.08 %) and in November (+ 35.52 %). At the same time, it became the clear no. 1 with a great performance of + 51.65 % in 2015.

2nd place in the 4th quarter follows FX Turn 46. It closed the 4th quarter with a profit of + 6.45 %. In all the last three months of the last quarter, there was a positive result. Unfortunately, its reversal strategy, however stayed far below its yearly expectations with a profit of – 2.92 %. This result means fifth place of the six main strategies.

Third place in the 4th quarter belongs to FX Octopus Pro, who reached with his short reversal strategy a performance of + 3.84 %. The month of October with a gain of + 9.72% was not only decisive for the last quarter, but also for the annual result. With an increase of + 9.39 % it closed the year with a satisfactory performance in 3rd place of the six main strategies.

4th Place in the last quarter went to the FX Dawn. Based on early morning reversals the strategy ended with – 4.38 % in the last quarter. The strategy performance also was hail stoned by poor December earnings. Nevertheless, it finished the year in fourth place with an increase of + 6.45 %.

5th place is the FX Daytrade Pro with a loss of – 5.56 % in the last quarter. The discretionary traded trend strategy had clearly difficulties identifying trends. However, the net profit in 2015 is still up by + 9.79 %. With this result it occupies 2nd place on an annual basis.

Finally, 6th place overall, the FX System Pro, the opposite of its broader strategy FX System Multi, with a negative performance of – 9.58 % in the last quarter, and an annual loss of – 15.26 %. With this result the FX System Pro will descend from the top strategies. We continue to monitor him in the lab.

The movers and losers, we will list again in our annual overview.

We look forward to a no less exciting trading in 2016!

3. QUARTER 2015 <br/>The results

October 08, 2015

3. QUARTER 2015
The results

The main performance direction in Q3 was south. All strategies are trading EURUSD spot, only.

The uncertainty of the world wide markets also led our strategies to a not so well performance.

The only ray of hope was the FX Dawn. With it’s performance of almost + 5% he became the no. 1 strategy in Q3. The year to date performance of the first 9 month increased to more than + 10% and is no. 3 of all our main strategies.

Second place in Q3 is the FX Daytrade Pro. Being a trend strategy it’s result wasn’t so bad in last quarter’s side way markets. It is still our second best strategy in 2015 with a performance of +15.35% in the first nine month.

Third place is FX Turn 46. The strategy targeting medium term reversals lost – 2.60% in Q3. It’s year to date performance is almost - 10% and still needs to prove that it can repeat the performances of 2013 and 2014.

FX Octopus Pro finished fourth last quarter. This short term reversal strategy closed Q3 with a minus of -2.74%. In the first nine month it is the fourth best performer with a plus of 5.54%.

Fifth place FX Time Pro. With a leverage of 10 it is a more speculative strategy than all of our other strategies. In Q3 it lost almost – 10% but in the year to date contex it is still the leader with a performance of +28.23%.

Lastly FX Sytem Pro on place six. The strategy normally uses more currency pairs to perform well. You can see the results on our laboratory-site being the FX System Multi. The EURUSD FX System Pro lost more than 19% in the last quarter, which led the year to date performance into the negative sector, too with a result of –5.69%.

All in all Q3 was a set back, but due to the first half year results, most of the strategies still have a positive performance in 2015. We all are working hard to improve the performances in the last quarter of 2015.

2. QUARTER 2015<br/>The results

July 08, 2015

2. QUARTER 2015
The results

From „sensational" to „you can do it better” are results of Q2-2015. All strategies are trading EURUSD spot.

FX Time Pro had an outstanding Q2. With a leverage of ten it achieved a fantastic performance of more than + 37% and could more than offset its result of Q1. The performance for the first half of 2015 is + 37.43% and thus No. 1 of all our strategies.

The EURUSD strategy of the FX System Pro shows itself very continuously. After a + 4% in Q1 it achieved an additional + 10% in Q2. The result of first half of 2015 increased to + 13.87%.

The result of the FX Octopus Pro convinced, too. With more than + 2.5% in Q2 the first half of 2015 result increased to + 8.28%.

The FX Dawn achieved a slightly positive result in Q2 and increased to + 5.88% for the first half of 2015.

At the lower end in Q2 we have the two trend models FX Daytrade Pro and FX Turn 46. Both couldn’t achieve a positive performance and closed with a minus lower than – 6.5%.

The champion of Q1 the FX Daytrade Pro reduced his performance to + 16.60% for the first half of 2015.

Finally the FX Turn 46 needs more time to get out of the negative. We can’t be satisfied with the negative result of – 6.76% for the first half of 2015.

All in all we had a successful first half of 2015 and we will do our best to further increase our performance.

MAY 2015<br>Due to fine tuning + 20%

June 04, 2015

MAY 2015
Due to fine tuning + 20%

After small adjustments in the beginning of April 2015 and the raising of three times the leverage to maximum 20 the FX Time Pro closed the second month in the row with a very good result: + 20.33%

We consciously decided to increase the risk and thus the earnings opportunities within this strategy. At the same time we benefited from a more or less laterally moving EURUSD with a few exceptions of strong price movements.

In April we had 120 winning trades out of 158 positions which is ration of 76%. In May we had 101 winning trades out of 140 positions which was "only” 72%

Nevertheless the result in May + 20.33% was a bit higher than the April + 19.72%.

We are very excited to see what June will deliver.

Click to see the performance and the positions.

1. QUARTER 2015<br>The results

April 14, 2015

1. QUARTER 2015
The results

From magnificent to grown through, this is the resumé of our different FX strategies in the first quarter of this year.

The leading trio led by FX Daytrade Pro, with its trend strategy on the EURUSD with a cracking performance of over 23% (only closed positions), followed by the two range strategies FX Octopus Pro and FX Dawn with more than 5.5% performance each.

Forth-placed FX System Pro achieved almost 4% performance and is followed by FX Turn 46 and FX Time Pro, both were not able to report a positive result in the 1st quarter.

All strategies are trading EURUSD only.

FX DAWN<br>Signals during the night

February 18, 2015

Signals during the night

It is a fully automatic system implementing our signals at night.

In extensive analysis followed by real testings of the signals since June 2014, we noted that the Asian trading hours in EURUSD is giving us a series of reversal trades per day, which shows an interesting performance.

We limit the risk through tight stop-losses and trade a maximum of ten trades per day.

Follow our signals here on our website or follow us on twitter @forexscorpion.

Good luck and successful trades!

FX Dawn Performance

Healthy and successful New Year

January 09, 2015

Healthy and successful New Year

The entire Forex Scorpion Team wishes you a wonderful 2015.

2014 was an exciting year in which a lot has happened.

We have spoken with many traders and could win some of them to disclose their numbers to cooperate with us in the long run.

And towards the end of last year we have finally made that first actively managed certificate in Switzerland to list on a stock exchange.

Now that all our interested investors returned from their well-deserved holidays and forex markets, especially the EURUSD trade again with volume, we will resume trading in the course of January.

We are looking forward to an exciting 2015.

Good luck to you all.

Best regards,

Michael Lotz

UNDER OBSERVATION<br/>Three new strategies in the lab

November 26, 2014

Three new strategies in the lab

Forex Scorpion is going to expand his Trading Competence Center.

Two "new" and very experienced traders arrived in the lab to present their strategies.

FX Trident G10 is a trend follower on currency pairs in the G10 area.

FX Mondial X is a model aiming at taking advantage of opportunities around the world.

The third strategy is a strategy we all know. The successful FX System with the only difference that the focus is G10. That why we call it FX System Multi.

We are very excited to see how the new strategies will perform.

COOP.E.TENCE<br/>Forex Scorpion combines two worlds

November 23, 2014

Forex Scorpion combines two worlds

COOP.E.TENCE combines our two worlds: COOPERATION & COMPETENCE.

As in many parts of life, it is the perfect mix makling life positive.

Our successful Forex trading with its positive results was and still is the first part of all. The next step was to cooperate with external Forex traders to win their competence for you, too.

Forex Scorpion is visionary and think tank for solutions for you. In addition, we are initiator and fundraiser for different kind of products in combination with Forex spot trading.

Our investors are constantly searching for new investment opportunities for diversification purpose. One area is Forex with its spot market trading to generate alpha.

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EURUSD<br/>Trend stopped?

November 10, 2014

Trend stopped?

Since several days the EURUSD is moving more and more sideways.

Is this the lull before the storm?

And if the storm comes up, in which direction he is gonna blow?

However the signals of the range models are showing a plus in front of their results.

We will see for how long this will last.

COOPERATION!<br/>FX Daytrade Pro now officially on board

September 30, 2014

FX Daytrade Pro now officially on board

Congratulation to Sandro G. for his outstanding job with his FX Daytrade Pro strategy!

Sandro's trading strategy, his fantastic performance and at the same time his sovereignty in trading the EURUSD has completely convinced us!

We look forward to cooperate with Sandro and will certainly include his strategy in new products!

Sandro, we are proud to welcome you to our Forex Scorpion Team!

YOUR CHANCE!<br/>Forex Scorpion is<br/>looking for Forex traders

September 17, 2014

Forex Scorpion is
looking for Forex traders

We extend our business and are looking for G 10 Trend traders both, systematic or discretionary, with verifiable minimum 6-month track record.

Your results have to be live traded.

As our customer base is conservative, we prefer consistent results with earnings of 2-3% each month much more than 20% in the first month and -15% in the second month.

Furthermore, we are looking for a solid Risk/Reward Ratio and 15% or less total account drawdown.

If you are a Trend Follower please send us a message over our contact form.

FX TRADERS!<br/>as computers replace humans

September 09, 2014

as computers replace humans

A widening probe of the foreign-exchange market is roiling an industry already under pressure to reduce costs as computer platforms displace human traders.

Electronic dealing, which accounted for 66 percent of all currency transactions in 2013 and 20 percent in 2001, will increase to 76 percent within five years, according to Aite Group LLC, a Boston-based consulting firm that reviewed Bank for International Settlements data.

About 81 percent of spot trading -- the buying and selling of currency for immediate delivery -- will be electronic by 2018, Aite said.

Christopher Wheeler of Mediobanca SpA in London: "It’s also boosting demand from clients for greater transparency in pricing and transaction charges, accelerating a longer-term shift in trading onto electronic platforms. The margins are very, very skinny in foreign exchange because it’s easy to move onto a trading platform. The move by banks into electronic trading in other areas has cost a large number of jobs, and we’ve seen revenue come off sharply. The foreign-exchange probe won’t help this.”

Cormac Leech, an analyst at Liberum Capital Ltd. in London: "The push toward electronic trading probably will lower costs for customers and boost transparency of pricing. It may also squeeze margins for banks.”

Chris Purves, London-based global head of foreign-exchange, rates and credit electronic trading at UBS AG: "Many algorithms in previous foreign-exchange platforms were very, very basic -- not a lot more than egg timers. The equities world, on the other hand, had advanced algorithms with gaming technology inside of them -- they would randomly split up clip sizes to provide best execution. A lot of that technology has now been brought into the foreign-exchange world.”

Banks’ income from foreign exchange already has been squeezed. Volatility, a key driver of revenue, is declining as concern that Europe’s sovereign-debt crisis would trigger the breakup of the euro eased and central banks provided unprecedented liquidity to stabilize markets.

Kevin McPartland, head of market-structure research at consulting firm Greenwich Associates: "No matter how you slice it, foreign-exchange options will be more expensive for clients to trade and for banks to take on. Shrinking profits from higher operational costs and the increased cost of capital may cause banks to focus on generating revenue from their traditional cash business and redirect money into technology that facilitates trading through an agency model.”

Abstract of an article: "FX traders facing extinction as computers replace humans" published at

LIVE @ MYFXBOOK!<br/>Forex Scorpion's FX_Time_Pro_1

September 09, 2014

Forex Scorpion's FX_Time_Pro_1

As announced late last month, we publish our signals from FX Time Pro on MyFXbook.

We have fed our fully automated program into MyFXbook and therefore can not change anything in current positions. This is why many Forex enthusiasts pursue MyFXbook, because here everything is live - profits as well as losses.

But why FX Time Pro 1?

The positions at Myfxbook differ somewhat from our FX Time Pro Live signals, which we publish here on our website. This is due to the fact that we have a higher spread at Myfxbook. That's why we call it the FX Time Pro 1. These deviations can be beneficial, but sometimes also a disadvantage.

In any case, you have the opportunity to follow our work here on our website, as well as here at MyFXbook.

MyFXbook twitters the FX Time Pro 1 signals giving you another opportunity to pursue our work, but with a five minute delay.

As the phrase goes: Follow us on Twitter @ForexScorpion!

Have fun!

POSITIVE!<br/>Good start into September …

September 08, 2014

Good start into September …

The first week of September brought a good starting point for the month.

With 16 positions the FX Octopus Pro was below the weekly average of approximately 25 trades in a week, but all 16 trades were closed in positive territory. This very good result was reflected in the performance for the last week: + 1.63%.

The FX Time Pro could not reach the 100% winning trades of the FX Octopus Pro, but with 77.55% winners out of 49 trades it achieved a better performance. The good result was rewarded with a magnificent weekly performance of + 3.80%.

Last but not least the FX Daytrade Pro showed a great weekly performance, too. Its two opened positions were closed with a great weekly result of + 2.00%.

All in all it was a positive start in September.

If you like to have all this weekly figures summarized in a weekly newsletter, we would love to email you for free our weekly newsletter every Monday.

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